Curling Alberta Awards


Every year, Curling Alberta will honour those people within our organization who have helped to inspire the curlers of today and tomorrow. There are specific awards for players, coaches, officials, ice technicians, partners, and volunteers who have all contributed their time and effort to curling. These awards are intended to celebrate the extraordinary people who contribute at all levels of our sport, from community leaders and grassroots initiatives, all the way up to our high-performance athletes.



To make a nomination, simply complete the Nomination Form and submit it to Jill Richard, Curling Alberta’s Executive Director ( You are welcome to submit any additional testimony, pictures, or documentation to support the nomination. Nominations may be submitted by anyone, and self-nominations are also welcome. Please keep in mind that the awards are open to recognizing contributors of any scope, whether local or provincial. Nominations will be accepted until April 19th, 2019.



Team of the Year

Awarded annually to a team who is a shining example to others. Considerations include sportsmanship, dedication, positive leadership qualities, and community involvement. All ages, categories, and skill levels are eligible, but competitive achievement will be a highly weighted component. Team accomplishments are limited to Curling Alberta events in the most recently completed season.


Coach of the Year

Awarded annually to a coach who has directed his or her team with sportsmanship and integrity. This individual possesses proper skills and knowledge to effectively mentor, support, and challenge their athletes while instilling a love of curling. This coach inspires continued learning and improvement, and demonstrates respect and care for athletes. A high standard of personal conduct is also clearly exhibited. The minimum coaching standard to be met by nominees is Club Coach “Trained” or Competition Coach “Trained” as recognized by Curling Alberta and the Coaching Association of Canada.


Instructor of the Year

Awarded annually to an instructor who has been a difference-maker in his or her club and community. He or she has gone above and beyond to build membership, preserve and improve existing programs, and introduce beginners to our sport in a safe and enjoyable manner. This individual has a passion for teaching and has also demonstrated a high standard of personal conduct


Volunteer of the Year

Awarded annually to a volunteer who has made an extraordinary contribution to the sport of curling.


Curler's Corner Youth Sportsmanship Award

Awarded annually to a team or individual athlete who exemplifies the ideals of sportsmanship both on and off the ice with ethical behavior, fair play, respect for others, and a love for curling. The team or player must be eligible to compete in the U15, U18 or U21 categories.


Club of the Year

Awarded annually to a member club or community curling centre which displays outstanding impact in and on the community. Areas of consideration may include: development of innovative programs and services; alignment to the provincial programs (e.g. whole of sport approach); evidence of volunteer management strategies (attract, develop, retain); evidence of financial sustainability / viability; sound leadership practices (role descriptions for committees and key club roles, robust governance practices); community engagement (e.g. with other clubs, schools, sponsors, external stakeholders or community groups); coach and/or instructor development processes in place; retention and growth of a diverse membership; success in fundraising and management of large capital projects; etc. Clubs are encouraged to selfnominate for this award. Only member clubs of Curling Alberta are eligible to be nominated for the Club of the Year award.


Partner of the Year

Awarded annually to a sponsor or partner of curling that has shown tremendous support to the sport.


Official of the Year

Awarded annually to an outstanding official who has demonstrated a high level of knowledge, strength, leadership, dedication, and integrity.


Ice Technician of the Year

Awarded annually to an ice-maker who has provided significant leadership, excellence, and dedication to their craft.


President's Award

Awarded annually to anyone as selected by the President of Curling Alberta for outstanding service to the sport of curling. Current Board members are not eligible. Nominations for this award will be considered but the recipient is usually self-selected by the President.


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